Self-driving RRT*-based C++ library


Self-driving (autonomous navigation) RRT* (RRT-star) algorithm for 2D robots/vehicles based on mrpt-nav, for vehicles with arbitrary shape and realistic kinematics and dynamics.

Build requisites

In Ubuntu, they can installed with:

# MRPT >=2.3.2, for now from this PPA (or build from sources if preferred):
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:joseluisblancoc/mrpt
sudo apt update
sudo apt install libmrpt-dev

Demo runs

Command-line app to test the RRT* planner:

bin/path-planner-cli --write-planner-parameters tps-rrtstar.yaml
bin/path-planner-cli -g "[4 2.5 45]" -s "[0.5 0 0]" \
-p ../share/ptgs_holonomic_robot.ini \
--obstacles ../share/obstacles_01.txt \
--planner-parameters tps-rrtstar.yaml \
--max-iterations 1000 \
--costmap \
--random-seed 3
# Edit tps-rrtstar.yaml as desired and re-run

GUI with live navigation simulator:

bin/selfdriving-simulator-gui \
--waypoints ../share/mvsim-demo-waypoints01.yaml \
-s ../share/mvsim-demo.xml \
-p ../share/ptgs_holonomic_robot.ini \
--planner-parameters ../share/mvsim-demo-rrtstar-planner-params.yaml \